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Haven’t Had A Post In Even Longer April 26, 2009

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Yeah, so I’m lame and shit and haven’t been posting anything, as we’re all aware. I’ve been mad busy with life, the universe, and everything, as well as protecting the sancitity of the time-space continuum (one of my many duties) and other varia.  It’s also finals time, which means I will study like fucking crazy until this coming Thursday, where I will have completed my (only) hard exam and my easiest, and then coast until the following week when I have 2 (also easy) additional exams.  And then, I’m done with my first year of college. Woot. Then, in less than a month, I’ll be moving, and getting a puppy. Pictures of the puppy and increasingly inane and insane anecdotes about what the puppy is doing around and to me will follow.

In unrelated but awesome news, Laura and I are going to one of the U2/Muse concerts being held in this (great?) nation of ours.  Huzzahs are in order, as I’ll finally get to see Dom in action. ^_____________________^

Until someone gets around to writing again, so long, watch your back for rampant raptors, and as always, Muse and putnam, bitches.


PS: In writing this post, WordPress accidentally revealed to me the code behind creating an interrobang, down to the individual command line arguments…I now have unparalleled control of your obscure grammatical devices.

PPS: One-Winged Angel is now my ringtone, and I’m very excited about this. It plays the part where the Latin begins being spoken, so I really want someone to call me during Latin class tomorrow, just to show it off. O_O


Haven’t Had a Post in a While. April 9, 2009

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Yeah, I haven’t had a post in a while. That’s because I got tired of doing all the posts and Bill is being lame and not doing any. Fuck you, Bill. Anyway, I guess some top news is that I finally mustered up the courage to post on a forum. So did Bill. He posted on a PMT. I know! Surprisingly, the world hasn’t ended as a result, and maybe one day, my phobia will be gone.

So we all know that Warner Brothers is being really lame, right? Well I didn’t realize how lame until I looked at a fake “trailer” that I had made for a shitty little short film that Bill and I made probably about a year ago or something and saw that the sound had been removed by WB. I had included in the video about 30 seconds looped of “City of Delusion.” So, how lame is that? I wasn’t trying to sell anything. It was just for fun. And how did they even find that video? It’s not like it’s a top viewed or anything.

I saw “Religulous.” That was pretty funny. Hm…what else? That’s all I can remember. There have been alot of glowsticks involved in my life over the past month or so. I also have started listening to some sweet Penderecki tunes. He writes some scary stuff, maybe because he is scarred from having a first name with seven consonants in a row. And I’m reading the Fountainhead. I’ll get back to you on that when I’m done. But nobody cares about this stuff anyway. You’re here because you are looking for Dom information. Unfortunately, I have none in this post, except that I recommend the dominic howard facebook app because it is hilarious for some reason.

See you later. Actually I won’t cause I’m not stalking you <.<,

NWO Shit March 31, 2009

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According to this MSNBC article , a medical panel working for the US government wants to make it so that teenagers have to be screened for depression regularly, about once a year…

So who here has seen the movie Equilibrium or read Brave New World, which the movie is semi-based on? Well, a central part of these stories set in futuristic worlds is the idea of a world full of contented, brainwashed zombie citizens who take medicine to remain in this state. Of course, this medical panel says that anti-depressants are not the only option–they couldn’t say otherwise or nobody would agree to this. However, just think about it.

A world where anyone who is discontented and deemed depressed by these people could be drugged up practically at the government’s request… Of course there are plenty of people who really are clinically depressed and benefit greatly from medical help…but still–holy shit. This is a terrible idea- way too much power in the hands of the government who’s true nature we know nothing of.

MUSE recording New Album, video 3 March 29, 2009

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Tom has supplied us with another instant classic.

NEW MUSE TOUR! March 24, 2009

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I am about to scream in excitement! New Muse tour! Gaaaaah!
This is what muse.mu informed us of on this glorious day:

“We are pleased to confirm that Muse will be touring in the UK, Europe, and North America this autumn. Full details on the UK and European dates will be announced soon, but for now we can confirm that the band will be special guests to U2 at a number of their North American shows this September including New York on September 24th. The remaining U2 dates will be announced in the coming weeks.”

DUUUUUUUUUUUDE! Who else is super excited? As far as the U2 dates, U2 shows are probably really expensive; I wouldn’t know since I wouldn’t regularly have any interest in a U2 show. But MUSE is touring again! This is incredible news. Enjoy it!

New Supply of Muse Haiku March 16, 2009

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As usual, until one of us thinks of something else to write about, here are some Muse haiku.

Guitar being thrown

megaphone too fast to dodge

Abusing Dom’s love

Matthew Bellamy

proof of non-linear time

he knows more than us

Awesome Muse Stuff You May/May Not Have Seen March 12, 2009

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Today’s Awesome Muse Stuff You May/May Not Have Seen is the totally awesome little 25 minute documentary that we are not sure what to call, so we just call it its file name on muselive -Muse Day MTV2.avi. It aired as part of Muse Weekend on MTV2, during what looks like the Hullabaloo Era. MDMA (sketchy abbreviations are awesome) includes interviews with everyone in the band (Even Chris!), funny and enlightening information about the band, hilarious fan antics, the Hullabaloo version of Hyper Music, Matt in a sparkly hat, and more.

Basically, the documentary begins showing the band talking about their beginnings, an anecdote from Chris about their first official gig as Muse, and Matt explaining how he got started with the piano complete with many hand motions. For some reason, there is an odd closeup of Dom scratching his nose. As the video progresses, the story of the band’s rise to world domination is told. There are video clips of the band from all over the world as they talk about their live shows, their albums, getting signed, having parties, going mental on stage, and other stuff.

This video is highly recommended for all humans.  It is awesome and funny. That last sentence sounded like something from Simple Wikipedia.

If you aren’t convinced yet, here are some quotes:
“…you were like jumping like a motherfucker and then you like flew I’ve got like five dollars left cause I bought your CD I am an official Muse fan now and you’re one of my favourite bands now cause I had never heard of you and then I saw you and I was like having orgasms it was like the fucking..Oh my god.” -Fan in Bus
“I was trying to get with this girl who was, like, a witch…” -Matt
“And afterwards, we’d try to meet people, and have parties, and mess about, and get loads of people in our dressing room, turn the stereo up full, turn the lights off, and…see what happens.” -Dom
“I got my photograph taken with a big blade under my neck…” -Matt

You can download the video on Muselive. http://www.muselive.com/forums.php?m=posts&p=737333

Edit by Bill: Downloading that movie from Muselive is only half the battle….you’ll have to learn about desegmentation, decompression, A/V codecs, and much much more before you actually get the motherfucker to work.

Going to Places and Stuff March 8, 2009

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DUDE! We went to WATCHMEN!! It was AWESOME! For reals, go see it. We had both read the graphic novel, so take that into consideration. The movie is ultra long; keep that in mind as well, but other than that, I’m giving nothing away.

Also, today, we went to Barnes and Noble to get Rule by Secrecy. We couldn’t find it, not even in the History, Fishing, or Cooking sections, so we asked this lady. She went on the little computer and looked it up. She read the results.

Barnes and Noble Lady: “Rule by Secrecy…The Hidden History That Connects the Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons, and the Pyramids?”                                                              
Me and Bill: “Yup.”

So she went to the Occult Section and brought back the book.

Me: “Yaaaay! Thanks!”  

I realized how suspicious/sketchy we really are.

Muse Haiku Extravaganza March 5, 2009

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Okay, so, because I’ve been slacking like a motherfucker lately on these MUSE haikus, we have a gigantic slew of them for today.  I’m also considering making some haiku that are, well, not MUSE related…but I’ve not gone that far off the deep end yet.


Screeching red guitar

Playing riffs passed down by gods

My mind has been blown.


Endlessly, Starlight

Map of the Problematique

Time is Running Out


Hysterical fans

Follow Muselim tradition

Crying out for Dom


Matthew intriguing

Dominic hilarious

Chris kinda boring


Desert mushroom fest

Advertisement money spent

Spiderdom costume


Fear banter topics

Wolstenholme’s Palace of Lust

Pornogenic Matt


NME Award

Sexiest Male Performer

Should have gone to Dom


Pigeons and balloons

Oddly videotaped scene

Chris, Dom in shower


Not Radiohead

Nor the Beatles, though British

Watching Rage, called MUSE


Rule by Secrecy

Eluding us ever yet

To Borders we go?


Okay, now that -that- is done, I’m taking a break from uploading MUSE haikus…Laura’s turn, perhaps?

Muse Haiku of the Day March 4, 2009

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Matthew Bellamy

Christopher T. Wolstenholme

Dominic Howard